Discover our flexible
approach to mortgage lending
Pillar underwriters know the importance of character, credit, collateral and cash flow. Unlike most lenders, we also believe in common sense.
Difficult files on your desk? We can help!
  • Checkmark Rural property
  • Checkmark Construction
  • Checkmark Self- or seasonally employed
  • Checkmark Irregular cash flow
  • Checkmark Consumer proposal payout
  • Checkmark Past credit problems
  • Checkmark Discharged bankruptcy
  • Checkmark Debt Consolidation
Construction Mortgage Solutions

  • CheckmarkMax 80% of completed value
  • CheckmarkUp to 65% advance on raw land value at registration
  • CheckmarkNo requirements or limits on # of draws
  • CheckmarkFully open for repayment with no penalty

Don’t let the rigidity of bank programs put a halt to your next project.

Our flexible Pillar Blueprint construction financing program provides competitive, flexible mortgages for those planning on building or renovating their home.

Use our construction draw calculator to help determine your budget.

Complete construction projects efficiently and within budget.

Our flexible solutions and focus on long-term relationships will drive the success of your projects.

Rural Mortgage Solutions


  • CheckmarkMax 80 % LTV (Ontario wide)
  • CheckmarkFirst mortgages
  • Checkmark2% fee with 100 BPs to broker
  • Checkmark1-2 year terms

While many alternative sources of capital are unwilling to lend outside of larger urban centers, we see rural properties and individuals as an opportunity.

Having grown over the past 3 decades in the rural village of Sharbot Lake, nearly half of Pillar’s mortgage portfolio is proudly based in rural Ontario.

If you’re a licensed mortgage agent, submit a pre-approval application form and get a response in 48 hours.

We LOVE rural because we ARE rural!

We understand these properties and these people because they are our neighbours.

Self-Employed Mortgage Solutions
Year Terms
2% fee
100 BPs
to broker
Top 5 reasons banks refuse a mortgage

  1. Damaged credit
  2. Limited or questionable collateral
  3. Perceived character flaws
  4. Unsteady cash flow
  5. Untraditional story

The changing lending environment has made it increasingly difficult for self-employed individuals to secure mortgage financing. 

With our common-sense approach, Pillar underwriters listen to the full-story and verify information to get the deal done.

Get your application reviewed in 48 hours

At Pillar, we are in the people business.

Whether it is broker partners, borrowers or service providers, we build strong relationships for the long term, not just for the transaction.

Debt Consolidation & Damaged Credit

Rural debt consolidation case study

Mortgages for:

  • CheckmarkDischarged bankruptcies
  • CheckmarkPaying out taxes owing
  • CheckmarkPaying out consumer proposals
  • CheckmarkIrregular cash-flow situations

Difficult financial situations happen to the best of us. At Pillar, we specialize in finding solutions.

A beacon score does not represent a client’s character, so our underwriters dig deeper to understand where a client is coming and help them move forward in the right direction.

We look forward to assisting you!

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